- Loss of eyebrows and eyelashes through cancer treatments; 
        - Complete loss of facial hair from Alopecia; 
        - Thyroid issues
, which can cause people to lose half of their eyebrows; 
Difficulty applying topical makeup due to loss of eyesight or unsteady hands;
        - Allergic reaction to
convetional over the counter makeup products.

          - Swimmers & Athletes 

-Have had surgical procedures



possiblities are endless!

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    Cosmetic Tattooing... 

     Makeup Artistry...

    Proper pre-treatment and post-treatment care are critical to the longevity and durability of your cosmetic tattoo. Be sure to read and understand the care instructions to protect your investment! 


    Aloha Beautiful !

    Island beauty by Angaefonu is the perfect soultion for you! Permanent makeup done by hand (NO MACHINES) is the most natural in cosmetic tattooing.Majority of woman spend precious time each week fussing with makeup that looks good one day and not so good the next.Unlike any other part on the human body the face is were we show our emotions, our age, and our beauty. The skin on your face is delicate and active as well, its a very sensitive place. When someone touches your face, there is a connection, a trust that needs to be present. Many of your questions about permanent makeup may be answered during your free initial consultation. You may also visit my FAQ page for more info. Together we can enhance your natural features you all ready have!

    "Angae, took her time,worked with me to achieve the look I wanted and to even out my left side of my face.There was NO Pain, NO Swelling, NO Scabbing.I feel PRETTY and like a women again.For that I am forever Grateful.Angae is truly an artist 



    "Angaefonu helped me with age appropriate conventional makeup that will look great on myself." -Gisselle M


    "Thank you so much for taking the time to tend to all my needs and questiones for my Permanent Makeup " -Toni S.


    "Not your ordinary MUA ,she will make her mark permanently ! It was painless "- Missy S.



    "I just wanted to thank you, for the great work you did on my wife's eyes and lips. It turned out beautiful. She loves it and I do too."-Torsten (Caroline's husband)